Monday, November 29, 2004


Here is an updated version of the Progressive Resolution for the California Democratic Party. If any of you are in other states, you can adapt it to your own state.

Sign on at the bottom if you like, with name, City, State and affiliation with the Democratic Party, if any.




WHEREAS Democratic progressives stand for the progressive visions of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and other great Democratic leaders whose dreams for the Democratic Party and America should not be forgotten, and

WHEREAS Democratic progressives who wish to have a voice within the Party on issues of concern to progressives and a place where they can air these concerns without compromise, often feel left behind by members of the Democratic leadership who (often with good reason) work to get Republican support by supporting Republican agendas as opposed to Democratic agendas, and

WHEREAS Democratic progressives want to continue to work within the Democratic Party, to continue supporting the Democratic Party and to continue encouraging others to join the Democratic Party,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the undersigned call for the creation of a progressive caucus within the California Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee and for that caucus to have a voice in official California Democratic Party and national Democratic Party policy

Dotty LeMieux
Fairfax, California
Alternate, Democratic Central Committee Marin, 2nd District

Sign us up! (Our ranks are growing daily!)

Judy Maselli, Pacifica
Michele Barni, Marin County Central Committee
Mayme Hubert, Marin DCCM
Sherry Reson, Marin County
Yvonne Clark, Sonoma
Bobby Reich-Patri, San Francisco
Leslie Sheridan, Sonoma County

For a more complete list of names, click on the green writing below; to sign on yourself, click on "post a comment" following those names. Or email me:



Dotty LeMieux said...

Yes! Sign me up!

Diana Schmidt, Nicasio
Judy Addison Kimmel, Mill Valley
Ken Roeder, LA
Sarah Cross Mills, Marin County
Ronora W. Sayaman, Panorama City, CA
Saundra Salyer, Carmel
Alycia Isenberg, Felton
Nicole Parisi-Smith, San Francisco
Al Sheahen, Van Nuys CA
Lynne M. Eggers, San Francisco
Judy Schriebman, San Rafael
Claude Poncelet, Marin
Dianne Morrison, Marin
Frances Fox, Monterey, Ca
Erin Flynn, Los Angeles
Judith Broder
Gina Kray
Colin Gerbode, Scotts Valley, CA
Rick Galbreath, San Francisco
Stephen Frank Gary Esq. LA
Michele Hutchins, Los Angeles
Anna Givens, Santa Rosa, Ca
Anne Holliday, Carmel
Frances Anderson, Los Angeles
Cornelia van der Have, Berkeley
Constance Kashkawol, Marin
Emily Wikman, San Rafael
James M. Maltese
Alexandra Bonifield, Nevada County
Anne Adams
Patrick McGinnis, Tuolumne County, Central Committee
Alan and Shirley Collenette, Marin
Mark and Ruth Hull Richter, Orange County

Carole Simon Mills said...

Carole Simon Mills

Anonymous said...

Please count me in for a Progressive Caucus.

Marlee G. Powell
(City Councilmember, former mayor, City of Sonora)

Anonymous said...

Sure. I'll do what I can to support it.

Lucy Sells, Region 6, CDP

Kathleen Russell said...

Kathleen Russell, DCCM alternate (Marin)

Tom Gangale said...

Thomas Gangale
Petaluma, CA
Author, California Plan for reforming the presidential nomination schedule