Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Obamacare Good for the Economy - Scarcity of New Docs Means More Insured People Thrown off "Physical Cliff"

Since the bottom line is all that counts, let's look at Obamacare from that perspective.  Now that Obamcare mandates insurance, more than 30 million currently uninsured or underinsured patients will be demanding care.  However, the US is not graduating enough doctors to meet the demand. See today's Chronicle.

So more people will pay insurance premiums, a good thing, but alas, they won't be able to use them, bad for the patients, good for the economy.  Unless of course, we import docs from China and India, which is likely, or we can always export the patients.

Which would you prefer?

You say get more people into Med School? Let's see what the Republicans think about increased grants and loans, with reasonable fees, for students. Sorry, cheaper to do the import/export thing and then we create jobs for import/exporters. Kern County is doing it now. Cheaper than Med school by a long shot.
Diagnosing and prescribing by video: Cheaper yet!