Monday, September 19, 2011

What are the Repubs smoking?

Watching debates, hearing the spin, seeing the Repub Presidential candidates' heads go whirling madly on their necks like latter day Exorcist (the movie) stars, I have to say President Obama is looking better and better. His jobs program, not enough, no, but better. His health care plan, not enough but way better; his few testy moments, when he snarks back at the loonies to his right, really good

Keep it up. Keep them spinning. Get bold and bolder. We want you to succeed. We want to love you. We want to want to walk our asses off for you.

So Go, Obama, Go. Run, Obama, Run. Slam those Repubs. in the wallet, in the gut, in they tiny little brains. Make 'em weep. make the American people proud. Don't give in to fear. cuz that just leads to, you know, more fear, and then all that fear adds up to some powerful bad mojo.

Keep Hope alive. Corny as it is. Even if you lose on all fronts, keeping Hope alive, will keep us all on our feet and fighting another day.