Tuesday, April 28, 2009

California State Convention news and pics

Posted 4/27/2009 9:38 AM PDT

Yes, we did have a Clean Sweep with our progressive women takng over three powerful positions: Chair of the Progressive Caucus (which itself has led to many changes in our Party in the last four years); Chair of the Women's Caucus (Whole Progressive slate); and most impressive, Controller of the State Party. I was thrilled to be elected Secretary of the Progressive Caucus by acclimation. Marin's own Ralph Miller took the Treasurer slot also by acclimation and our wonderful Mayme Hubert, who is the inspiration behind much of what gets done, is an Office at Large, with J. Brian Washman and Dr. Bill Honigman. A good group. See the pics up top for the "rest of the story" - First pic: I meet Howard Dean, with Wendy Baker, that's me on the right (Howard's left); next pic: Our three great winners: Karen Weinstein, Women's Caucus chair; Karen Bernal, Progressive Caucus chair and Hilary Crosby, our new State Party Controller.

Women rock!

This was an amazing celebration of a very successful year. Next year will continue the work. We are aiming at adding Democrats to the legislature. More later. Back to work with the new improved GreenDog Campaign team.