Thursday, January 27, 2005

NO! to Torture. NO! To Gonzales

Our own Marin County patriot, Senator Barbara Boxer, led the way in the Senate with her strong questioning and loud no vote against Condoleezza Rice as Secretary of State.

Now her courage is inspiring more Democratic senators to stand up and say NO! loud and clear torture. NO to Alberto Gonzales.

Thanks Barbara. Thanks Dems. Someday you will all be hailed as patriots, heroes and fighters for justice.

Progressive values are American values; human values. Americans do not stand for torture, but for justice; not for invasion and oppression but for human rights.

An attorney general oppposed to those principles is unworthy of our country.

Oh, did I mention telling the truth?

Liar Liar pants on fire. Oh you're wearing an asbestos suit? Surprise.

Just a few words from a weary progressive Green Dog Demcorat.

Monday, January 24, 2005


For all of you interested in the Progressive Caucus and the response we have been getting, here is an earlier post, plus all the comments I have received on the Blog. Other comments coming in via email. Please review and post your own. Click on green "comment" at the end, then click on "post a comment" when that pops up. You can also sign on a supporter.

It's easy.


Hey Green Dogs,Progressive Caucus Update:

While talking with Green Dog Dems throughout the State, and meeting with my old buds from the Kucinich and Dean campaigns, we got to thinking we need to be more than an "interest group" or label within the Party, but a real force for change within and without the Party.

That is, we need to be an Action committee, to promote and even initiate progressive legislation, education and communication. We need to come up with practical initiatives that can be realized for the good of the people of the State of California and the Nation.Neither center nor left (obviously not right!), but forward we go alongside our Democratic brothers and sisters.So we are now looking to become a vehicle for progressive action.

Name that Caucus!

As we go forward, we are seeking a name for our new caucus. Should it remain the Progressive Caucus? The Progressive Action Caucus? Agenda for Progressive Action. How about ProACTIVE: Progressive Action Caucus for Initiative, Voices and Education?

OK, I like acronyms. What do you all like?As for initiatives, how about promoting universal health care, working with our colleagues in the Assembly and State Senate for starters?Join the Caucus, submit a name, suggest an initiative, win a prize!Here's the Original Caucus Resolution Language, to remind you of where we are now:

Monday, November 29, 2004


WHEREAS Democratic progressives stand for the progressive visions of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and other great Democratic leaders whose dreams for the Democratic Party and America should not be forgotten, and

WHEREAS Democratic progressives who wish to have a voice within the Party on issues of concern to progressives and a place where they can air these concerns without compromise, often feel left behind by members of the Democratic leadership who (often with good reason) work to get Republican support by supporting Republican agendas as opposed to Democratic agendas, and

WHEREAS Democratic progressives want to continue to work within the Democratic Party, to continue supporting the Democratic Party and to continue encouraging others to join the Democratic Party,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the undersigned call for the creation of a progressive caucus within the California Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee and for that caucus to have a voice in official California Democratic Party and national Democratic Party policy.Comment no. 1:Dotty!PROACTIVE is one of the best acronyms I have ever seen. No contest. I'd join any group with that name. LynnClick on "Comments" below for more of the same!

posted by Dotty the Green Dog Democrat @ 8:14 AM

At 12:32 PM, Dotty the Green Dog Democrat said...
Comments so far:1. Great Piece, Dotty! If you don't have me signed onto your progressive caucus list, put me on, of course. And since I don't always get to going to my favorite sites, please add me to your email tree for your blog. Thanks. Am forwarding on your email to my lists.JudyPS and I like ProACTIVE but with V for Voting or even no acronym needed (but I like your creativity). I don't suppose ProACTIVE is a viagra like drug by any chance????2. Thanks, Dotty. I like PROActive. I like the aggressive tone to this. Initiatives? How about one which levels the playing field a bit with insurance companies? Given that they make the rules and are answerable to no one, wouldn't it be nice to force them to play defense for a while? Rights of injured persons? Let's face it, the insurance industry is, in California, and particularly with respect to automobile policies, essentially a legally-sanctioned extortion racket. My take on issues is to locate those areas where the vast majority would agree with us if it only knew what we know. Health care is a good area, of course, but you know how the industry responds -- we're going to run business out of the state, that sort of thing. But they can be beaten.Raz 3. Bravo on this. Your proposed trajectory sounds right on to me Mark4. At CalTrans, they gave me 4 pages of acronyms when I was a new employee...I don't like them. Bev5. Dotty:On my show last night I interviewed Dan Cantor, who heads the Working Families Party in New York State. These people seem to have clear political eyes, and in just six years they have become a political force to be reckoned with. The key, Cantor says, is fusion voting. Without it, Third Parties are doomed to defeat and self-defeat, as my friend Ralph has illustrated in such sad fashion. Maybe that should be a top priority.Jonathan
At 2:28 PM, CalifSherry said...
I'm pretty certain I'm signed onto this progressive caucus idea. I remember having som difficulty with your email link, so if I'm not already there, please sign me up.Acronyms have their advantages and I like ProACTIVE. I'm not coming up with anything better than Initiative, Voices/Votes and Education and especially want something for the T, but someone else likely will if we keep the conversation going.What do you have in mind so far as local (county or AD) oganizing of a progressive caucus goes. Could it (we) bring people together for local discussion and action?
At 4:28 PM, Anonymous said...
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At 10:12 AM, Dotty the Green Dog Democrat said...
More Comments emailed to me:I like ProACTIVE. That's what we have to be. I have been to a couple of Demo Club meetings and ProACTIVE they are not. I am joining one called Valley Dems United in case I decide to run for delegate through my AD which is the 39th. I also like the updated Progressive Caucus Resolution. More later.Ken Dotty:Great site! Nice and clean! I get distracted by dark color backgrounds.The resolution looks much better. Lucy
At 11:57 AM, Anonymous said...
hi Dotty,I just was reading your site. Had to let you know that I am LOVING yourProACTIVE title for the caucus. My "day job" is as a marketing creativedirector, so I can appreciate the value of a good name.Don't even think you need it as an acronym. It has Progressive Action builtright,--candace kuss
At 9:38 AM, Dotty the Green Dog Democrat said...
Two more comments on this post:Thanks…what good new!Tim Carpenter, PDAI think we need to start a new party called "Progressive" and invite all the disillusioned Democrats, Greens and Republicans. I think we'd have a majority party! There were many Republicans who switched this year. There once was a Progressive party, but I don't think it exists, as such, now. --Lucille
At 12:47 PM, BRYAN said...
If you need any help Arizona is here! Glad to hear you mention Tim Carpenter as well! PDA And AzDPC have always worked quite well together. www.azprogressive.usBryan BuchanPhoenix Regional DirectorAzDPC
At 2:12 PM, Mark Hull-RIchter said...
I like the whole idea - please keep me in the loop.mhr
At 12:30 PM, Jo Olson said...
I love the idea of a Progressive Caucus, and PROactive is great, but it is also the name of the over the counter acne system. Please keep me in the loop, I'm a new delegate to the State Central Committee in AD 42.