Friday, July 14, 2006

Democrats Get Spine - Will they now dump the DLC?

What happened to those Democratic internet ads showing flag draped coffins, among other images of years of failed Republican policies that have drawn criticism from the right?

Did the Reps get them removed? Or was it the DLC, those Reps in donkey's clothing? Crying foul, Republicans pretend to be shocked that the Democrats would "politicize" the war dead. Really, it takes some nerve to be outraged that someone tells the truth about the outrages that you commit.

No wonder they want the dead to come home from Iraq in secret and the wounded to quietly languish away from publicity. An administration that believes it is above the law, any law, even when the Supreme Court says otherwise, is living in their own fool's paradise.

Unfortunately, we're living in it with them. It's about time the Democrats got some spine and told it like it is. While they're at it, they ought to point out we're not in a war, we're an occupying army following an invasion on a soveriegn nation. And the dead in those coffins died in vain. I hope those ads are shown again and often on TV.

Meanwhile the DLC is up to their old tricks, of pretending to run to the "middle." Folks, wise up! The DLC is NOT the Democratic Party. And the middle is not even the middle any more; it's way off in right field. To get to the middle you have to turn left.

That's not a lesson the DLC is ever going to get. They don't want to. They represent the right wing of the Democratic Party and it's time people started saying so, and calling out the Democrats who continue to hew the DLC line.

It's interesting that we have the DLC and there is no like organization in the Republican Party, no RLC that leans to the left. The DLC is what is dividing the Democratic Party, not the progressives. Let's start exposing them for the closet Republicans they are. And purge the Party of the dividers.

Until we do, we will not have a united left, or even a middle worthy of the name.