Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Now I can see why it took a small child to state the obvious in the famous story: "The Emperor is naked as a Perdue chicken!" No one, not even said Emperor himself wanted to acknowledge that lack of body covering, as he strutted down the avenue before the admiring crowds.

Were there no Democrats in the crowd that day? you may ask? Only sycophantic members of the Emperor's own party?

No, I don't think that's it. There were Democrats. I have it on good authority; they stood to the rear, silently staring, maybe with a wink and a nod to each other, but no loud outcries, no exclamations of Emperorial nudity to shock their constituents.

They were biding their time, for what, the History books do not say.

The small child, taken on an outing to see the majesty of Democracy in action, didn't know about timing, or political correctness or incorrectness. He couldn't even spell the words. He just saw this silly little naked guy parading down the street in the altogether.

He wasn't particularly outraged by moral considerations, or trying to score points with the opposition; he was no revolutionary.

Just a small child, who, like many small children, pointing out embarrassing family secrets to their friends about their mothers' mustache or their fathers' taking up residence with the family dog (embarrassing to the adults in question, of course, not their truth-telling offspring), was merely stating a fact as the fact paraded past him.

Democrats coughed into their hands, while members of the Emperor's party clucked and shuffled their feet.

Politics is a game played by grown ups, and often played long after the winning die is cast.

So it takes a child insisting that his truth is THE truth, to fianlly get the ear of the press and all flashbulbs break loose.

Do we have to wait for the children of the land to call out, "look Ma; the President's got a Nuke; shouldn't we duck and cover or something?"

OK, so this parable is just a round-about way of saying, Democrats, be like the little children (if you're religously inclined, remember Christ said "A little child shall lead them," or so I recall from my early Bible toting days) and shout out the obvious.

This President is stark naked and stark raving mad on top of it, and he's holding a giant Nuke over Iran.

If kids can see what's not there, we in the Democratic Party should be able to see what IS right in front of our noses. This Emperor has got to go. Let's not wait for the bomb to fall; for the Republicans to be the first to open their eyes, although God love 'em when they do!

You want to win the Congress back this year? Speak out. Naked Emperors carrying nukes are bad for children and all living things.

Shout it out. Shout it loud. Remember regime change begins at home.