Monday, January 23, 2006

Warrants; We ain't got no Warrants; We don't got to show you no stinkin' Warrants!"

George Bush came out fighting in his campaign to spy on the American people. "The polls are even" say the pundits, "half of all Americans say 'Spy on me, Mr. President. I've got nothing to hide.'"

And if you do have something to hide, better hide it well. Someone is watching you. This only works if people buy into the Administration's version of things.

For instance War. The Bushies say we're at War. War with Terrorists. Wrong. They are at war. War with the American people. War with the truth. War with the Constitution.

The Terrorists are not a tribe. They are not a Nation. They are not even a "they." Terrorism is a tactic, and we can all agree we don't like it one bit. It is not something you can declare war on. Or something that can declare war on us. The "Terrorists" did not attack us on September 11, 2001. A group of fundamentalist fanatics attacked the World Trade Center. Somehow that act, as horrible as it was, has been used to justify our governments declaring war on us and our way of life.

Think about it. George Bush says the terrorists hate us because they hate our way of life, and want to destroy it. If you substitute the word I for "the terrorists" you will see what is really happening here.

George Bush: "I hate the American way of life and I want to destroy it."

"I hate civil liberties and I want to destroy them."

"I hate free speech and I want to destroy it."

See the pattern.

It's like a Mad magazine fold-in cover. Fold in the edges of the page and you will see the real message.

"I hate Democracy and I want to destroy it."

So why, then, do we let our government use it against us?

Spying on you without a warrant is terrorism. I know, you have nothing to fear because you don't get calls from Al Quaeda. But what if you occasionally glance at an x rated site on the computer? They want to know that too. What if you go to a peace march, a pro-choice rally or a non-fundamentalist church?

Guess what, you might be fair game for George's peepers. And if you are Arabic, Muslim, or look like you might be, you, my friend, are a target. No, you do not have to be a terrorist to be treated like one.

And that is the insidious thing about terrorism. It gets inside your head and makes you fear. And fear is the best thing for those who want to terrorize. Especially if they can get you to fear someone or some thing else. That way they get to look like the guys in the white hats. Spy on me, Mr. President. I'm afraid of the terrorists. I'm afraid I might be a terrorist.

Save me from myself.

"I am George Bush and I hate you and want to destroy you."