Friday, November 05, 2004


Hi Bloggers,

Here is a resolution I am submitting to form a Progressive Caucus in the Democratic Party in California. Thanks to the Patrick Henry Democratic Club of Orange County for their work on tis. Other states have Progressive Caucuses already. Go to: and check it out.

Thenh sign on below to join this effort in California!


Resolution Calling for the Creation of a California Democratic Progressive Caucus

WHEREAS Democratic progressives stand for the progressive visions ofFranklin Delano Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, MartinLuther King and other great Democratic leaders whose dreams for theDemocratic Party and America should not be forgotten, andWHEREAS Democratic progressives often feel left behind by members of the Democratic leadership who (often with good reason) work to get Republican support by supporting Republican agendas as opposed to Democratic agendas, and

WHEREAS, California progressives wish to have a voice within the Party on issues of concern to progressives, and

WHEREAS, progressive Democrats need to have a place where they can air these concerns without compromise and knowing those concerns will be heard by the Party leadership, and
WHEREAS, Democratic progressives want to continue to work within the Democratic Party, to continue supporting the Democratic Party and to continue encouraging others to join the Democratic Party, and
WHREAS, several other States now have formed or are forming progressive caucuses, including Utah, North Carolina, Texas, Arizona, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansa, Maine, Nevada, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the DEMOCRATIC CENTRAL COMMITTEE OF MARIN calls for the creation of a progressive caucus within the California Democratic Party and for that caucus to have the same status as other recognized caucuses within the California Democratic Party.

Yes, add my name to this effort: