Monday, February 20, 2006


It's that time again. The Practical Politics seminar at the College of Marin is Saturday, April 1, 2006. Below is the course outline. For information on registration go to:

Practical Politics: Grassroots Campaigning
for the Local Candidate or Activist

"All politics is local." Tip O'Neill

Learn effective political techniques whether you are running for office, lobbying elected officials or raising awareness (or money) for your cause. Topics include:

* Running for office: How to decide if the job and timing are right

* Frame that issue: Sound bites and more

* Recruiting and training volunteers

* Getting the Press you deserve

* Creating effective campaign materials

* Identifying natural and unlikely allies

* Know your opposition: Research, Research, Research

* Dialing for dollars: Learn to enjoy the job everyone hates!

* Planning your next steps; An activist's work is never done!

Handouts and a bibliography will be available. Read George Lakoff's Don't Think of An Elephant before class if possible. Widely available in paperback. Handouts and bibliography will be provided. Please bring a bag lunch.

Dotty E. LeMieux has more than 20 years of grassroots activism under her belt, and currently runs progressive political campaigns and trains grassroots activists throughout Northern California. She served as California Political Director for Dennis Kucinich's Presidential Campaign.

Saturday, 10am-4pm
Apr. 1
Kentfield Campus
Physical Education 22
Fee $37 (Includes $7 materials fee)
Course #8440 EC