Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Post Election Blahs

I know we are all experiencing the post-election blahs or worse, but I am excited about the formation of Democratic Progressive Caucuses in many states and I am hopeful the investigation into the election vote grabbing machines will pay off.

even if not, we must persevere. Yesterday I had lunch with a changing group of women, meaning the group kept changing as new ones arrived and old ones left; and all the women in the group were changing before our eyes from depressed Democrats to activists seeking activation.

"Why aren't we out in the streets?" asked one. Another said, "I really need to find something to get invovled in to take back the country." We drank red wine and ate happy hour food at our favorite bar. Men who sat at the bar in groups of two or three for once weren't playing Liar's Dice but talking about the election too.

No one seemed to know quite what to do, but energy was in the air as if new activist molecules were replacing old wishful thinking molecules.

Let's sieze the moment and make sure we don't fall back into the doldrums of routine and waiting for someone to come along and save us.


I'm not religious, but if I were, I'd be afraid; I'd be very afraid, because my religion would be of the "liberation theology" type we saw in a few decades back, especially in Latin American countries dealing with dictators and death squads.

I'd be afraid that if Christ were to ome back today, George Bush would have him crucified all over again; after a secret tribunal at Guantanamo.

So much for moral values.

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