Saturday, November 13, 2004


I was going to write my "I Told You So" column, about how I went to the Kerry campaign and explained to them how they needed to energize their base, including the progressive vote, who might be tempted to go for Nader, and they scoffed at me.

They told me to go away. They were particularly offended I suggested that Kerry was in danger of appearing like a "Bush lite" (all that "I'm tougher than you are" talk) if he didn't map out a progressive platform that would ring true with Democrats and maybe even inspire the mushy middle by showing them he stood for something.

I was going to say I told you so, because after the election pundits and Democratic leaders were falling all over themselves criticizing Kerry for not doing just that. The words "Bush lite" were even uttered post-Nov. 2.

I was going to write my "I Told You So" column. But I'm not going to. Instead, I'm going to write my "Count Every Vote" column.

After listening to Air America all week (960 on your AM dial in the San Francisco Bay region - if you're somewhere else) and reading emails by the score documenting voter anomolies, phantom voters, faulty polls, and so on, I've decided to join the chorus of people calling for recounts or even redos of the election, at least in Ohio and Florida.

Randi Rhodes of Air America asked U.S. Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) who is investigating the vote why they couldn't simply interview all the voters in at least some of the smaller counties where the votes were "flipped" that is you had 70% registered democrats, but 70% vote for Bush. This was repeated all over Florida. Some say Democrats in these counties always vote for Republican presidential candidates. But in exact proportion to the registration numbers, only backwards?

"Yes, Yes," I yelled at my radio, as Nadler said a cautious "well I don't know what the law is."
Never mind the law. Get the facts. Sign me up; I'll fly to Florida myself and interview voters myself. America wants to know.

That's my column. Go to to check for the latest updates.

I'll save the "I Told You So" column for after the recount.

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Ken Roeder said...

Here is an"I told you so." for 2006. I just recieved an email from Art Torres titled "Our two great U.S. Senators", which contained the information that the third largest vote getter behind Bush and Kerry was Barbara Boxer. That's the good news. Here is the bad news. He went on to say how great it was that Diane Fienstein was going to run again because she is sure to win. He then quotes GOP COUNSULTANT KEVIN SPILLANE AS THE EXPERT TO BACK UP HIS CLAIM THAT FIENSTEIN IS INVULNURABLE. This is pathetic. Here we have the state Demo chairman looking to Republicans to validate our candidates. It is bad enough that Fienstein who voted for the war in Iraq is already crowned by our chairman two years before the election as if there can be no challenge to her in the primary from the progressive wing; but to then quote a Republican as an authority shows how little we think of ourselves and is a prescription for further electoral meltdown. We progressives must step up,find our voice,clarify our vision, SIGN THE PROGRESSIVE CAUCUS PETITION and save the Democratic Party from within. There will be a progressive challenge to Fienstein. It should come from within the Demo Party, it should be encouraged by the chairman, perhaps if he weren't so busy looking to Republicans for validity he would. Given the fact that Barbara Boxer got the third largest vote total in the country it stands to reason that Fienstien needs to move toward the Progressive base of the party. If she doesn't a Progressive Democrat needs to take her on in the primary. Now, I realize I am no Republican Consultant but if neither of those two things occur the Democrats will lose yet another senate seat. "I told you so."