Tuesday, December 11, 2012

1%ers Secede from the Union; form own Nation/State

With the wealth of funds, and investments growing daily, despite gloom and doom predictions to the contrary, America's top earners, or self-described "Job Creators," have announced that they will secede from the Union in order to form their own Nation/State, ruled by whoever has the most money at any given time.  Fierce competition is underway for the title of Richest person and Supreme Leader, as corporations and individuals vie for the top post.

Ever since the Supreme Court declared that corporations had the same rights as human people, (reinforced recently by the pronouncement by former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney that "Corporations are people my friend"), the scramble to collect and itemize capital worth has begun.

Some of the 1%ers have even been heard to grumble that it's time to stop this corporate personhood stuff, at least for the time being, so as to even out the playing field, and let all rich peole compete fairly.

Other just shrug and say, "tough luck; if you haven't established a multinational corporation all your own, it's your own damn fault."

The battle of the fat cats and the corporate entities is on.  Some predict a two-state solution. Corporations over here, and individuals over here.

"The problem is," confided one wealthy magnate, who prefers to remain anonymous,"is that the Cayman Islands just isn't big enough to divide up that way."  He predicted a blood bath or at least a money fight, and suggested some of those claiming deep wealth may be out in the cold once the corporate assets are toted up.  "The corporations will win this, and the people will lose.  If you haven't got a cushy CEO job yet, you may be out of luck and back in the work force on the mainland," he opined grimly.

As for creating jobs, openings are now being advertised for security guards and top flight CPAs.

"Of course there will be need for the usual service personnel, maids, personal chefs, chauffeurs and the like, " he continued. "We will be creating hundreds of positions once the matter of statehood is sorted out."

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