Friday, August 10, 2012

Top 10 Reasons Romney Won't Release his Tax Returns

10. He's really, really modest about all those charities he donates to that help the poor children of liberals

9. He's paid more than the 13.9% he disclosed and doesn't want to look bad to his Bain buddies

8. He gave away all his money to the Church and is living off horse show proceeds only.

7. His evil twin hacked into all his accounts and made off with the dough to a secret hideaway in the South of France

6. A ten year old computer whiz named Otto living in New Jersey hacked into all his accounts and diverted them to funding his college education at Reed.

5. He gambled them all away in Vegas while on a mission for the Church to save the heathens on the Strip.

4. He used the money to bribe the Olympic judges into giving his wife's horse a better score then it deserved.

3. He joined with Michael Vick in funding animal rights organizations.

2. He pushed the wrong button on the Obama site and accidentally sent all his money to Obama's re-election campaign instead of telling him to burn in hell.

1. He pushed the wrong button on the Palestine Liberation Organization site and donated all his money to funding a statue of Arafat to be erected in Jerusalem instead of telling them to burn in hell.

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