Friday, August 12, 2005


I hear there's something called "Intelligent Design" to explain all the strange and unknowable things about our world.

Like how come there are black widow spiders? And why do penguins go marching?

I'd like to know how come there are so many people doing so many really dumb things like those bank robbers you read about writing their demand note on their deposit slip.

And how about the lady who ate 24 pizzas and then exploded? Is that intelligent I ask you?

No, and that's just the tip of the unseen iceberg. Which brings up another thing. Why are the icebergs melting? OK, you can talk about global warming, but I think it's Stupid Design.

Stupid Design to have so many different types of life forms that have to go around eating each other. And that's not counting stupid people, or shall we say intelligence challenged?

If the designer of this planet was so intelligent, that intelligence ought to have considered things like global warming in the first place. If you were writing your company's business plan you'd have something in there for contingencies, wouldn't you?

I'd say global warming is a honking big contingency.

I'm inclined toward believing the designer of our earth was some big dumb alien. I know people like to think a Supreme Being did all this, but what kind of Supreme Being puts George Bush in charge? Unless this planet is just a dumping ground for nature's mistakes. But if you believe in Intelligent Design by a Supreme Being, there wouldn't be any mistakes right? What good is a Supreme Being who makes mistakes?

So that brings us back to Stupid Design and a dumb alien doing the designing. Maybe we're a Junior High School experiment. I could see that. Junior High School students I've known are totally capable of coming up with the concept of creatures that devour their mate just for the grossness factor.

Maybe not Stupid Design then, but just thoughtless, adolescent design. Maybe someday, the alien mom and dad will step in and clean up the kid's mess. But somehow I doubt it. I think we're on our own, along with the marching penguins and melting ice. If the mother ship does return someday, I may ask to go along on the ride home.


Marsha said...

Dear Dotty,

You’ll have a lot of company on the mother ship! Hang in there – we need you here.



Michele said...

I know what you mean. I feel the same way too sometimes. However, I just remind myself that the key is is that the difference between animals and humans is that we humans have freedom of choice.

Steven said...

Dotty the Green Doggie...

Would TV preacher Pat Robertson qualify as a case study for 'Intelligent Design' or 'Stupid Design'?

~ the blue dog

Dick said...

Dear Dotty, You have taken on a subject that I have not read a word about . I guess it was considered too difficult to approach and so has simply been accepted without comment. It would have been easy to give offense while speaking out as you have done . However, I thought the whole tone of your piece was most sympathetic and you made your point with unquestionable respect for parents' feelings .