Friday, December 31, 2004


The Green Dog has some New Year's Resolutions to share, not all her own personal ones, but as a citizen of this country, I'm making some for the nation too:

1. Get out of Iraq sooner rather than later. To that end, a committed group of California Progressive Democrats has been formulating a resolution to send to the State and National Parties with the ultimate goal to be that Congress acts to end the War. A new (but probably not final) iteration of that resolution is as follows:

The occupation of Iraq has resulted in loss of life for more than 1300 American troops and the maiming and injuring or more than 10,000 more, is draining American resources, and saddling the nation with an enormous debt that will only victimize our children and grandchildren; and

The occupation of Iraq by American forces rather than making us safer, is jeopardizing the security of the United States by creating even more insurgents while stripping us of the moral high ground which further undermines our ability to defend ourselves in time of attack; and

The occupation of Iraq has resulted in untold loss of life for Iraqi civilians, destruction of infrastructure, while turning former allies against us, effectively isolating us from the protective sympathies of the rest of humankind;

Therefore, be it resolved that the (insert appropriate AD Committee or name of Club or Central Committee) _____ calls for an end to the US administered occupation of Iraq, coupled with the creation of an international body that assists the Iraqi people in freely and peacefully determining their own future.

Be it further resolved that the California Democratic Party call upon the United States Congress, which has the ultimate power to declare and end war, to immediately implement the same.

Your comments please! Change for your state!

2. Inaugurate President Kerry.

3. Exercise more and eat Blue.

4. Keep Hope alive!

5. Win back Red California

6. Get a Progressive Action Caucus going

7. Get a California Green PAC going to win initiatives for the environment and all living things.

8. Get organized (You should see my desk!)

9. Have fun with friends and family

10. Get ready for 2006. Win back the Congress!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Dotty
Just checking that one can at least post properly as anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Hi..I stumbled across your blog looking to spread the good word about an organization I heard about to people who might be interested..

In our efforts to move towards a state of more civil discourse in this country, I thought a group started by a bunch of college kids from Virginia has the right idea.

They call it OrangeBand. They hand out orange strips of fabric that can be taken and personlized to represent an issue important to whomever decides to wear one. Then, when the band is displayed on a bag or somewhere else it can be used as a conversation starter. Together with educational forums, they are trying to bring us back into normal, constructive dialogue on a daily basis.

Good ideas are always simple. Check out

Anonymous said...

I am a James Madison University student, and I was just posting this comment to say that there is an Anti-Apathy Campaign almost underway, with the Orangeband Initiative holding an organizational meeting on Jan. 28.